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Serial # 0001-0359

This Cessna Citation 525 initial ground school course is designed to teach professional pilots how to safely and efficiently operate the Citation 525 jet. Both thorough and concise, the 14 computer-based training modules integrate industry best practices for learning aircraft systems. Capable of being presented on any platform, the course can be accessed virtually anywhere. Designed for working professional pilots, this accelerated course introduces important systems operations eschewing trivial technicalities. It’s the perfect learning companion for self-study before a type rating, recurrent training event, or an in-house instructor led ground school.  The following systems are covered in-depth:

  1. General
  2. Electrical System
  3. Lighting Systems
  4. Master Warning Systems
  5. Fuel System
  6. Powerplant
  7. Fire Protection
  8. Pneumatic System
  9. Ice & Rain Protection
  10. Air Conditioning System
  11. Pressurization System
  12. Hydraulic System
  13. Landing Gear & Brakes
  14. Flight Controls

This training course is designed for:

  • Initial Cessna 525 Systems Training
  • Serial # 0001-0359

Perfect For:

  • Self-study for initial CE 525 type rating
  • In house ground school aid
  • Systems introduction or in-depth review

This training module is delivered ONLINE. It cannot not be copied, printed or shared.