King Air 200 – Training Workbook


E-Books allow you to train on the go. Being a pilot we are always away, this is a way we can beat that and offer reading/training, online! As a professional instructor, Doug teaches over 190 Initial and recurrent King Air 200 students a year. Unfortunately, he could not find a comprehensive King Air training manual that would meet the student’s needs, so he wrote his own.
He set out to write the best King Air 200 Training manual available.
Offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.


The King Air 200 Workbook is seven valuable books in one.

It's a system review guide. As an A&P mechanic, I know the King Air 200 systems. But as a professional pilot and instructor, I know how to explain each system in enough detail to give you complete working knowledge of the airplane without superfluous information. I teach you what you need to know in a concise, easy to read format. A quiz at the end of each chapter re-enforces your system knowledge.
It's a Power Settings Guide. These aren't some power settings I've pulled out of a book. I actually use these every day teaching pilots how to fly the 200.
It has Profiles and Flows. I've included profiles for every maneuver and cockpit flows that make setting the cockpit up for flight easy and intuitive.
It's an Emergency Review Guide. Every Emergency and abnormal checklist is at your fingertips. This allows you to study the procedures before you need them.
An Expanded Checklist Guide. I've included those hard to find preflight system checklists. I take you step by step through the Auto-feather test, the rudder boost check, pressurization test, and more.
It's a Practical Tip Guide. I've included dozens of useful tips to make flying the King Air 200 easier and more economical.
It's a workbook. This book has over 120 questions and answers that help you retain the information.
The Workbook contains over 210 information-packed pages about the King Air 200.


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